1) How do I become a member of SVRPC?

On our website under become a member tab, Print and fill out the liability waiver and mail it in with your payment. You should receive a membership card a week later.

2) What does a membership include?

Membership includes a spouse, and you get access to the pistol range.

3) Can I bring guests with me to the pistol range if I am a member?

Yes, but only during range hours 2pm to dusk. Each guest must pay $10 to the RO on duty.

4) Do I need to be a member of SVRPC to shoot at the range?

No, it is $10 for non members to shoot paid to the RO on duty.

5) How do I get access to the Pistol range?

You have to be a member of SVRPC to get access to the Pistol range.

6) What days/ hours is the range open?

Range is open everyday from 2pm to dusk.

7) Does SVRPC provide targets?

No, we provide plywood from 50ft to 200yards, and steel after that. Bring your own paper.

8) Does SVRPC sell ammo?

No, SVRPC does not sell any ammo.